1- Strong and Durable Hair Elastics: Don’t worry about getting your hair pulled or snagged. These clear hair bands are strong, durable, and stretchy. These do not break easily and are great for various hairstyles

2- Great Elasticity: These perfectly sized clear rubber bands have a diameter of 150mm and can be stretched up to 180mm, this size works great for thick hair. They are not too thin to snap, nor too thick for ease of use

3- Carefully Considered Pack: Contains 500 small elastic bands that last for a long. Reuse these no-show clear hair ties multiple times, and once the elasticity is gone, dispose of it off and grab another one from the collection

4- Perfect for All Hair Types: Our clear elastic hair bands are suitable for kids, teenagers, and women with different hair types. Use them for a ponytail, braiding, and a variety of pretty hairstyles for both long and short hair

5- Includes Bands Cutting Hook: Instead of getting your hair tangled or putting the effort of loosening each clear bobbles elastic, use this band-cutting hook to remove the mini elastic hair bands instantly from hair



1- Pack Includes: 500 Rubber Bands for Hair + 1 Band Cutting Hook

Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Color: Transparent

Size: 150mm

2- Rest Assured Your Clear Elastic Bands Won’t Break: As fragile as they may appear, these small hair elastics clear are not easy to break. It can perfectly secure and hold up various hairstyles for girls with both short and long hair. The best part about these clear loom bands for hair is that they won’t pop in your hair if used correctly. Feel free to tightly secure your hair without the fear of breakage

3- Make Fancy Hairstyles for Short and Long Hair: Whether you’re buying it for yourself or your little girl, these small clear hair elastics are ideal for different hair types and hair lengths. They are great to use for kids to keep their hair secure for longer. Try out different fancy hairstyles and utilize these tiny elastic bands for hair to get creative with your hair game

4- Small Rubber Bands with Great Elasticity: Our transparent hair rubber bands are strong, durable, and perfectly stretchable, making them suitable for thick and heavy hair too. Unlike other bands, these won’t tangle your hair if used correctly. You can also utilize the band-cutting hook in the package to ensure your hairstyle remains intact without tangling or getting stuck to your hair


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